Friday, March 26, 2010


We'll Support You Ever More

It's not been a season to remember for Persis Solo. They've only won twice and scored eight goals in their 17 games. Little surprise then they are relegated.

Which is a shame.

It's always a shame when big clubs fall on hard times. In England we've seen the likes of Leeds United, Nottingham Forest and Southampton slip off the football radar into the oblivion of 3rd division life. Or whatever they call the 3rd division these days.

Funnily enough when a club does struggle badly, as opposed to struggling well, fans seem to find that extra push into showing their support. It's easy to follow winners, to walk round shopping malls wearing Manchester United shirts, especially after they have won another trophy.

But to sit on a cramped bus for 18 hours to see a team who won't win, probably won't score, play a meaningless game against another team facing relegation, takes a certain devotion.

I am so impressed I have just put my hat on so I can take it off to them.

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