Thursday, March 25, 2010


Funny game innit?

At 0-0 everyone would have been happy except for both clubs who would have been pissed off at seeing points dropped. At 1-0 after Gonzales had given Persib the lead the Bandung team would have been celebrating their reappearance in the title race while Persija would have beeen pining for 0-0.

When Aliyudin equalised minutes later Persija were made up while Persib would have had a whinge about the space the dimunitive striker was allowed at the back stick.

Gonzales' late penalty sent the Bandung fans watching back home mental while local offices and businesses set about boarding their premises ahead of the brawl that happens at most Persija games ((C) Jakarta Post).

But Abanda's late late header from a free kick was celebrated like a World Cup winner and brought sighs of relief probably to everyone within a 10 mile radius of the stadium.

From defeat was dragged a single point. Meaningless now the title race is over for Persija but after losing to Persipura last time out the performance was much better this time round against a quality Persib side, intriugingly not calling up Budi Sudarsono despite Hilton Moreira being absent.

Good game, dipolomatic result!

unbelieveble !!!! its the real show...isn't it ??
Less than a dozen arrests around the match, from what I'm hearing.

Metro TV and the Jakarta Post must be so disappointed.
you think the post actually sent someone?

why doesn t jaya start with budi? anyone know?
Now I know why the police allowed fans into the match. They ticketed and towed 272 vehicles for parking violations.

The cops are gonna make a killing off the match and they didn't even have to do very much in the way of security.
so everyone goes home happy...except for the two teams who will look at the points lost
it seems budi doesn't get along well with gonzalez. but, airlangga had good performance, imho, also atep and wildansyah (number 4). i think persib should win the match.
now ,...........just arema , persiba , persipura are still on the track for get the trophy......persib missing their chanche with draw with jakarta side.....
bit of history between gonzales and abanda but at the end of the game they were hugging like pele nd bobby moore
I think Jaya disappointed with budi's perform against psps, so he choose airlangga for this match
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