Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ei - eye - adio - we scored a goal

All my instincts were telling me it was the game to see. Not because it promised to be a classic but because it was Persis and it was about their following. But I decided to go elsewhere. Mainly 'cos the coach didn't wanna be interviewed, mainly 'cos people who did were near bars.

Persis scored. Only their ninth goal of the season, their only goal of the second half of the season. Suddenly that journey home doesn't seem so long now. 1-1 and their coach receives a serenade at the end of the game for point all season.

What makes football so special is that everyone can be an expert. It's a great leveller for pundit, pro and fan. Anyone remember Steve MacMahon last year slagging off Roy Hodgson? Macca has what 25 years experience of a football insider. But when it comes to punditry he is as fresh as a daisy.

I was not looking forward to seeing Persitara v PSM today. I was expecting a dour bottom of the table clash. What I got was non stop entertainment that would have pissed on every pundit's predictions.

Perceived wisdom says that if you get in the box you gotta work the goalie. Persitara did that five, six times. But working the keeper is one thing. Making the bugger move is another. Time and again Persitara got in the final third and time and again their finish was comfortably collected by the keeper. You don't wanna work the keeper. You want him going to hospital with back ache.

PSM, packed with more Koreans than MASH, played the better football by far. And thanks to Park and their keeper they won the game 2-1. For me, a neutral, it was a good game of football but for Persitara, who did little wrong, it was a frustrating day at the office.

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