Saturday, February 13, 2010


Redshaw confirms signing

Mark Redshaw has finally signed for Persitara in the Indonesia Super League following lengthy negotiations. His old man who used to play for Wigan Athletic, wondered if he played in the Freight Rover Trophy Final against Brentford, is not much older than me which is worrying. Equally worrying is meeting a Brentford fan recently who said he was too young to remember that final.

Good. Finally get to talk football with someone for whom English is his first language though not sure he will be too keen to rabbit on with some sad old git who probably saw his old man play back when shorts were short, we sat in the stand and could go see a game, have a few beers and fish n chips and still have a change out of a tenner.

UPDATE - now looks like the deal has been cancelled! The club have given financial worries as the reason...

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