Sunday, February 21, 2010


Recent crowd disturbances in South East Asia


Persebaya fans travelling to and from Bandung left a trail of destruction including at least one dead fan and several injuries. The Mataram Derby between PSIM and PSS was abandoned on 66' after home fans invaded the pitch. PSMS fans have twice gone wild after recent home games while Persiraja fans went on one last week.


Thai Port fans had a pop at Muang Thong United fans. Dunno about you but this is rather like 1980s vintage Millwall ruffling a few feathers at Watford when they were known as the family club.


A couple of encounters between Kelantan and Selangor ended up getting quite messy with Kelantan banned from playing home games at home after cars were damaged by rioting fans


A recent SAFFC home game was marred when fans went on the rampage after finding out free supplies of ice cream had run out. One fan was seen to break his wooden fork and throw both pieces to the floor while Madam Low was sufficiently upset enough to pen an epistle to The New Paper blaming the ice cream manufacturer for not making enough of the free stuff available on such a warm evening.

One irate fan was seen sending an e mail to another newspaper saying this would never have happened if Singapore had stayed in the Malaysia Cup while another asked why today's players weren't as polite as Fandi Ahmad and when would his kids be ready to play for the national team anyway

u got it wrong there for Malaysia, it was between Kelantan and N.Sembilan during FA cup semi last year..
thanks for the correction
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