Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Patrons my arse

I was having a gander at the match ticket for the SAFFC match at the weekend and saw that fans are being called patrons!

What's that all about?

A fan is a fan. Maybe a supporter but fan is better. What's with all this tossing around, trying to gentrify the game, almost as if the powers that be are ashamed of the working class roots of the game.

They are of course. Netting sponsors is difficult when they find out their target audience don't have two pennies to rub together. Better to create an illusion that conveniently sweeps football's heritage under the carpet much like they have done in England.

Sorry AFC but if you want patrons then go to the opera. Stick to important matters like why some teams prove unbeatable at home or why some refs always favour the home team. Don't have some spotty Manchester United supporting desk jockey who has never seen a local game in his life have any responsibility or he might start thinking. And decide patrons is a good word to use for football fans.

I've started referring to the people who go and watch Muang Thong United as customers. I don't really consider most of the Johnny Come Lately, Band Wagon Jumping, Glory Hunters to be fans just yet. ;)
i think arsenal also call their support customers and they are probably correct. supporters, like me, probably can t afford to go as we are priced out by malaysian and singaporean tourists
Sounds a lot like WalMart draining more of its workers' souls by referring to them as 'associates'. To quote the immortal George Carlin, changing the name of the affliction does not change the affliction.

S-League crowds turning into the galleries of patrons at Augusta National? I can see that. Respectful silence, polite applause, always going where and when they're told....
and if you chant on cue you get free chicken and rice
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