Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The debate continues

Thailand continues to deal with the repercussions of the violence that erupted during the Muang Thong United v Thai Port game at the weekend.

Thai Port are due to host Da Nang in the AFC Cup and it has been announced no Thais will be allowed to enter the stadiumin case they are Thai Port fans in disguise.

The club have also apologised for their supporter's bad behaviour when they atttacked Muang Thong fans but they went on to blame lack of security, the Muang Thong and the position of Saturn in relation to Uranus.

One fan who was involved said that it was Muang Thong fans who started the trouble and he had only acted in self defence. He went on to describe the other team's fans as 'girly.'

The club will aslo ban the trouble makers from two or three games. There...that'll learn 'em

Given that there is a whole load of video and photo footage showing Port fans kicking down the barricades and rushing us, and given that not a single MTU fan entered the Thai Port end, I think the fan who claimed the trouble was started by MTU fans would find it hard to prove that in court. He may as well use the Chewbacca Defence.

The 'two or three' match ban threat is an utter disgrace and so flippant that it could quite possibly make this whole affair worse.
hang 'em, lynch 'em, floggin is too good for 'em, bring back national service, have them clean the trash from klongs

it is all a bit millwall v watford tho innt
National service never went away in Thailand :-)
yeah but ut only applies to 'some'
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