Thursday, February 18, 2010


Cambodian Premier League

Anybody know when the CPL begins and any idea who the sponsors are likely to be?

Hi friend, I am Cambodian fan.Cambodian Premier League may be begin in May after the Cambodian cup final in 06 March.The main sponsor is Metfone company and they change the Cambodian Premier League name to Metfone C-League in 2010 season.
thanks for that dada
The Metfone C-League season start date hasn't yet been decided. First of all they have to finish the Hun Sen Cup competition which reaches the QF stage this weekend. The final will be on 6 March as Dada suggests. There's usually a short break before the Cambodian Premier League competition begins.

Nice to see your article in the PPPost today Anthony. I also see PPP are sending their own reporter over the cover the Futsal matches, which is a bit of a shock. Organized Futsall isn't exactly massively popular in Cambodia, though thousands of youngsters play on every available space around the capital and elsewhere, as they do all over the globe.
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