Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Supporter apathy threatens PSSB

PSSB Bireuen is not the easiest place to get to. Up on the Aceh coast the nearest airport is about a six hour drive away in Medan. If you're lucky. Fandi Ahmad, the Pelita Jaya coach, described going there a true Indonesian football experience.

Now in the second tier Premier League with little liklihood of promotion anytime soon their small support is dwindling even further and unfortunately Indonesia doesn't have much in the way of ground hoppers to purchase little badges and match day programmes to supplement gate receipts.

I can't do maths but these figures are based on average ticket prices of $2 and an exchange rate of $1 - 10,000 Indonesian rupiah

v PSDS Deli Serdang 650
v Persiraja Banda Aceh 2,400
v Persipasi Bekasi 800
v Persikao 650
v Persita 350

The club estimate they need 1,000 paying fans to break even.

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