Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sorry, but nothing happened

After last night's game between Persib and Persebaya, and much to the chagrin of the media, nothing happened. The visiting bonek, the mere mention has people boarding up their houses and putting garlic on the doors, were kept behind for a few hours after the game before being trucked to a nearby station and sent back to Surabaya on a special train.

Nothing happened during the game. Persebaya fans mingled with Persib fans on one corner terrace with everyone content to watch the game. Testament perhaps to the fact that many of these guys aren't hooligans as we understand it. More a bunch of kids enjoying a bit of acrack in a society where they have little outlets for fun.

They don't drink, they can't afford holidays, middle class 'enertainment' like movies and malls are denied them. One thing they have is their football and the fact that it gives people the willies is a bonus. For the bonek who travelled to Bandung it was their 15 minutes of fame.

After they get back home it's back to their own lives in the shadows.

They are the 'little people' and throughout history in Java they have been ignored. Even today society does its best to brush them under the carpet and pretending they don't exist. Different worlds for different folk. Only these last few days the 'wong cilik' spent a few moments in the headlines and in those headlines we saw 'mainstream society' collectively shat its pants.

Society everywhere has always feared what it doesn't understand.

Nothing happened? Don't tell the Jakarta Post. It had an A1 lead photo of Persebaya supporters climbing a fence and supposedly invading the pitch.

Of course, any mention of local football in the Post is progress, I suppose....
I was gonna take my kid to the match at the Jalak Harupat stadium last night, but turned out the traffic to there were heavily jammed and Boneks were everywhere. Since I'm not allowed to carry A Glock-17 or Ak47 or sumptin', We decided to watch the game on the TV and yelling them to f**k off and get the hell away from the city.
indonesian football is only ever negative in the jakarta post

access to the stadium is a joke, just one road, it puts me off from going there. plus parking a B registered car there doesn t seem th ebest idea in the world...
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