Friday, January 22, 2010


Muang Thong United raise the bar

They already have Teerathep Winothai and Teerasil Dangda. Now come reports they have completed the signing of Datsakorn Thonglao for a fee of $200,000 from his VLeague side HAGL. One confirmed signing is Berkant Gotken from the Bundesliga. He was apparently sacked for drug use over there!

After winning the Thai Premier League in their first season, the team that gets heavy financial backing from a powerful media group, is going all out to make an impression on the continent. They have recruited a new coach, Rene Desaeyere from Belgium, as well as Chonburi's Kone Mohamed, and face VLeague champions Da Nang in an ACL qualifier at the end of this month.

Their squad is possibly the most expensive assembled by any South East Asian side in recent years and with plans to increase the stadium capacity to 25,000 the side from North Bangkok are going all out for increased success.

Of course so many star names don't guarantee success. Instead you get conflicting egos in the dressing room so the most important job the new coach has is creating a settled squad. Forget all the 'we're professionals' bullshit players spout in front of the cameras, they wanna play.

Another thing they may have to be wary of is fatigue. Many of their squad have been playing since December in pointless tournaments and on international duty. Come the season start in March they may be more knackered than me walking to the mini mart to buy some milk.

"Another thing they may have to be wary of is fatigue."

Maybe Mr Gotken can give his new team mates a few tips on how to raise their energy levels. ;)
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