Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Missing! - Two football clubs and respect

The SLeague starts next Monday and most of the teams have been busy this last few weeks training and playing friendlies, usually against each other.

But two teams have failed to arrive. The new teams, controversially selected to replace DPMM and Super Reds were due to arrive over the last few days. But haven't.

Ou est les Frenchies?

Etoile are a bunch of Frenchies who fancy a kick around in the sun and according to Today they were due to fly in last Sunday. Now they hope to arrive next Monday, the day the league starts. Meanwhile the Chinese side Beijing Guoan should have arrived last Friday. But they haven't.

This amounts to a massive smack in the face for Singapore football. What kind of team isn't in place before a season begins? What kind of football club doesn't even have a squad list available before the season begins?

The selection of these two teams wasn't well recieved by Singapore's dwindling football community; their late arrival, and disrespect, will do more to damage their hopes.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on the players in both clubs when, if, they do arrive. OK, pressure in Singapore is a relative term. One player caught in Orchard Towers or Joo Chiat at 4 in the morning will see an increased volume in the abuse currently being aimed at Singapore football authorities through the forums and blogs.

Which is a shame because those clubs that have prepared and have done things the right way promise alot. New look Singapore Armed Forces and Tampines Rovers promise to be there and there abouts while Home United, Gombak United and Geylang United hope to build on promising foundations from last season.

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