Thursday, November 19, 2009


Unhappy Kuwaitis?

I understand it is normal at the end of AFC games for both teams to line up at the end of the game in the centre circle and shake hands with their opponents and match officials. Last night Kuwait didn't, preferring to slink off down the tunnel.

All in all I don't think the Kuwaitis will look back on their Jakarta trip with a great deal of fondness. They should have won, they had enough chances, especially second half, to win two games and remember this is a side that travelled to Canberra and beat the 'Stralians 1-0.

After Maman Abdurahman clumsily clattered some Kuwaiti the rest of the team piled in and plenty of puffed out chests and finger pointing followed with the possibility also of a couple of sly slaps being dished out.

As the match officials struggled to control the on field fracas right in front of the dug out officials and players in the main stand got peeved and made a big show of rushing down to the touchline before being held back by a couple of lads playing chess.

The antics in the stand drew a response from the Indonesian fans who chucked a few plastic bottles at the wanna be heroes and it was a few minutes before an uneasy calm was restored.

The people in the stand returned to their seats soon to be joined by an army of Kuwaiti fans to act as protection and it seemed to work. Their intimidating presence, and these were pretty big bastards, kept the braying locals at bay and disturbances all but fizzled out in that part of the stand.

Later in the second half Kuwaiti substitutes warming up near one goal were then subjected to a shower of plastic bottles and they waved back in response which was mighty neighbourly of them now wasn't it?

On the field they were also a bit put out by some of the Indonesian challenges but they weren't beyond dishing out a sly dig themselves.

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