Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sriwijaya v Pelita Jaya Karawang 3-1

Sriwijaya v Pelita Jaya Karawang 3-1 (Rachmat Rivai, Arif Suryono, Anoure Obiora Richard; Edison Fonseca)

Another name change for Pelita Jaya, from West Java to Karawang, and still no luck as they travelled to Palembang to take on the Copa Indonesia winners.

Former Persiter and Persitara striker Rivai gave the home side the lead before Fonseca scored his second of the season.

Seven points from four games for Sriwijaya sees them 10th while Pelita Jaya are second bottom with just one point from their five games though four have been played away from home!

Sriwijaya FC: Ferry, Isnan Ali/Slamet Riyadi (81), Charis, Ambrizal, Warabay/Precious (58), Nasuha, Zah Rahan, Ponaryo, Arif Suyono, Gumbs, Rahmat Rivai/Obiora (80)

Pelita Jaya: I Made Wardhana, Supardi, Ahmad Jufriyanto, Eduardo, Ardan Aras, Yusmadi, Basri/Vizcarra (34), Firman Utina, Yuthajak/Johan Ibo (53), Fonseca, I Made Wirahadi

it fonseca's third to be exact he has score every time he play since his arrival in indonesia against persik, persib, and sriwijaya..hey have you heard that indonesian club representatif in asia just added one more it is persiwa that will represent in afc cup next year due to the missing slot left by the malaysian...
thanks for the correction paeedee

wonder where persiwa will play their home games?

malaysian side dropped out?
according to the media is that persiwa would like to play there home games between jakarta or malang, it's not dropped out the malaysians it's because of the current financial problem that the malaysian clubs have so..
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