Saturday, November 28, 2009


Firing blanks

Persitara v Arema 0-0

The Persija assistant manager told me to stay home tomorrow as the Casual curse extended to 12 games!

Not much to say about this game. Arema may be known as the Crazy Lions but yesterday they played more like the Gentle Pussycats though to be fair they never looked like losing. They just never created that much either.

Noh Alam Shah picked up a booking first half which means he misses the next game against Pelita Jaya while Muhammed Riduan mpressed early on down the right before switching flanks.

Arema offered little of their own up front until former PSMS striker Rachmat Affandi came on second half but even then the Persitara keeper had quite a quiet day at the office.

Indeed the highlight was when the Persitara manager charged into the stand to front some gobby visiting fans then allowed himself to be hauled away.

Noh Alam Shah close up
Match action
Capture the atmosphere on Jakarta Casual TV

Pelita Jaya v Persema 0-0

Saw the second half and Pelita Jaya, playing in front of some fans for a change, should have secured three points from this game. But didn't!

Hi "me"

For whatever reason, why?

12 games since i saw the home team win!
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