Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Arema & Persib looking at merchandising

Regular visitors may recall the frustration I have felt about Indonesian clubs lack of marketing savvy.

When Thai Port, a club with average attendances below 5,000, can have a club shop up and running selling a range of apparel seven days a week yet clubs here can't even flog badges there is something wrong somewhere.

But now finally a change of thinking is on the way. There has to be of course as clubs can no longer rely on subsidies from local government.

Persib Bandung, the pride of Sunda, have announced that replica jerseys will probably go on sale in January and will cost between 30 and 50 USD*. Of course Persib's support dwarves Thai Port's by a factor of five or six at the gate.

Another club with a large fan base are Arema and they look to have their shirt available next month for about 9 USD*.

Other clubs with the potential to cash in on replica kits are Persija, Sriwijaya, Persela, in fact every bllody club shuld be doing it.

* - prices come from the websites and my own pissy translation efforts.

Two years ago I went to Teladan Stadium in Medan to buy a PSMS kit (50.000 IDR). There was only a small hut but they had kits for most of the First Division teams including PSIS, Persib, Persik, as well as lots of caps and scarfs. Unfortunatly all the kits were one size only, but at least some are available.
Those kits your talking about, its the unofficial kits, which doesnt related to the club revenue...or let me say....fake one...

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