Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sofa available

If Steve Darby and Bryan Robson fancying coming to Indonesia to catch some of their players I would like to offer them my sofa.

It would save them a few bob on hotels and they would be able to get up close and personal to Kosin (Persib), Suchao (Persib), Pipat (Persisam) and Phaitoon (Persijap).

Obviously they couldn't both use the sofa at the same time, perhaps one could kip on the floor if they both come over.

And they would have to bring their own food or we could eat out? Some good pubs here...

Yep, it's a win win situation for everyone. The Thai FA saves a bit of money and they get to see their players.

Just hope they don't mind the rabbit shit and nappy duty.

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