Wednesday, September 30, 2009


TThai Port admit Indonesian interest in Pipat

You gotta love Google translation...they didn't even bother with translating Persisam Putra from Thai to English! Well, you couldn't, could you?

Most excellent president, club security, "Sing Ehgatea" Port FC begin Thailand Auto news "from you" prosperity from maiden to leave the team to play in the Indo-League. Get a real person contact. But do not let cool. Match with the contract. Prepared by adding charge to a very core. Win a championship team to take the Thai Premier League next season. NASCAR is the next available target drive power to be Top.
The case of news that came out. A club in the League of Indonesia. Cisco teams with the super-bowl seal key to win the "you started" prosperity from maiden launch of the team spearheading Stars. "Sing Ehgatea" the Thai ports. Owner Rank 6 Battle Thai Premier League in 2009 to play for them now.
Siam Sport has asked club president to secure the most prosperous ports Thai FC have recently said. "It is true that a contact from a person who claims to be agents of personal prosperity, a native of the Indo. Phone has come prosperity prosperity is calling for submissions to talk to me.
I tell him that you are agents for personal prosperity, a player in the ports under the. Since when. ทำเอา agents this to go with Ng. If the distance is short. Thai League last season upon closing. The judge's decision and prosperity, but more likely than a buzz ซะ. It will not be true. Because then people do not see that the official contact whatsoever ".
In addition, club president of the Port of Thailand. To say that. "The decision to play to win the prosperity of this season. Constitute a valid decision of the club. Because his is. Performance of fire doors of our team better. And also a player of fire doors to most teams. When his good features. We would keep him to run in next season indeed. The charge will be added to the core of thousands of baht per month with.
Latest way I talk with club president Raj public. Pl.t.m.l. bow and Pridi Prawitr the prosperity that we continue to borrow another 1 season where you have no problems. I can assure that the initial public with the Royal Lending sample course.
The other is at the end each season to see whether the contract with which a player or not. Personal to find that adding troops. Of course that will have many. The accumulated experience has assigned to the golden head coach. This year we set targets that, if installed drive power desktops have. It was considered OK. The next year we all say that I am. We will have a chance to win a championship with the team certainly.

COMMENT - reading this I'm non the wiser beyond the fact that someone claiming to speak on behalf of Persisam, newly promoted to the ISL, has been in contact with some most excellent geezer at the honourable Thai Port yes indeed sir. Thanks to Thai Port Fan for the heads up on this...

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