Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sriwijaya close in on old man

Sriwijaya are hoping to bring 35 year Liberian striker Oliver Makor to Indonesia next month. The old guy, recommended by his compatriot Zah Rahan, would complete their allowance of three foreigners.

Makor, who has recently spent time in Greece, the country not the musical which is spelt differnt anyway, is a Liberian international.

What's the point? Kieth Kayamba Gumbs is another old git the wrong side of 35. OK, they have Mostafa Aji who is about 24 but their other striker, Rahmat Rivai, is also pushing the big 3 zero. The Indonesian game can be a bit pysical at times, by putting all his eggs into the hands of these old buggers coach Rahmad Darmawan may well be looking at a few sick notes at crucial times in the season.

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