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Who's the best team in the SLeague?

While Singaporeans continue to analyse their defeat by Liverpool and question the future of the game, check out threads on Kallang Roar and HWZ, there is the small matter of the SLeague to be addressed. And Sunday night sees Tampines Rovers v Singapore Armed Forces at the Tampines Stadium.

If this was the EPL then Football fans in Lion City would have been fed a non stop diet of analysis and views on TV, in newspapers and on the internet. Commercials would be screened called the day Showdown Sunday. We'd be seeing loads of pictures of Noh Alam Shah looking mean and moody, perhaps with a new hair style.

There would be analysis of past incidents between NAS and SAF defender Daniel Bennett as media try to cover every angle and then some.

The papers would be full of graphics showing how past games have been won and lost. We'd have comments by experts and non experts alike. Coffee shops across the island would be full and fans would be advised to arrive early to get the best seats.

If this was the EPL.

But it ain't. It's some poncey local shit that is deemed unworthy of attention by 99% of Singaporeans. Too many foreigners (how many English in the Liverpool side?), no famous players (?), low quality football (oh really?)

Low quality football eh? I wonder if the folk that repeat this mantra have ever been to a game.

Watch a DVD of Albirex Niigata v Gombak United. As good a game as you're gonna see anywhere. Or Albirex Niigata v SAF, described by commentator Dez Corkhill as the best game he'd seen all season.

There is quality football and it can be found in people's own neighbourhoods.

No guarantee of course that Tampines v SAF is going to be a classic. Think of the hype surrounding games in England and how often does the reality come close to the hyperbole. Rarely. But still people watch.

Victory for Tampines could put them a point behind the leaders and back to back champions (depending on mid week games) while three points for Richard Bok's men, left with only the SLeague to play for, could give them breathing space at the top.

Now is the time to put the pointless Liverpool game to bed and concentrate on the real issues.

Well struck, sir. That's some quality venom, that is.

It's unfortunate so many people (S'pore and otherwise) would rather hop on a bandwagon than get in on the ground floor with their local.
TB - did you once say you had a connection with he Jakarta Globe?

I saw their piece about Jacksen Tiago the other day and would love to get his contact details...not for me but someone he played with a few years back asked me to try so he could get back in touch

back to that piece, the afc website used it but got their persipura's and persebaya's mixed up no end!
Hi "Me"..

The MISSING link is there..

How can we get the message across those ignorant "Anglophile" that their local game, be it S.League or elsewhere in SEA, is not "3rd-world standard" as they potrayed to be?

Been scratching my head over this issue..
its the eternal question po hui

you going sunday?
Hi "Me"...

Barring any unforeseen, I should be at the game on Sunday!!

It's a high-tempo game man and not referring to that feud only..hehehe
see you there then...
You're blaming the customer. Perhaps the FAS, S-League and clubs are not positioning their product correctly.
not sure i m just blaming the customer but the mindset that says foreign is best that permeates the media and most local football fans

when i talk to people in and around tha game in singapore the negativity all strikes me. this tiny island can produce one of the worlds leading airlines and busiest port yet cannot tap into the interest that exists, and there is a massive market there, for football

a few years back geylang were playing in front of 25,000 fans. where are they now? what is being done to bring them back to the terraces?

for sure it s down to the sleague and the clubs to get the bums on seats, to market the game, to get out in the community but nobody seems interested and it s a shame
Agreed - the mindset stinks. Having lived in Jakarta, BKK, KL and a frequent visitor to Singapore, it annoyed me that I was more passionate about local football than the natives. But like you mentioned, ultimately its the job of the league and clubs to make the product matter.

I can't stand the blame game that leagues and clubs put on ESPN, EPL, Cricket (in South Asia), Government, etc. They need to rise to the challenge, which relative to other sports and entertainment options isn't so massive.
20 years ago i lived in australia when they had the nsl. crowds of 2,000 were the norm, violence was rampant, much of it ethnic based.

and now we have an expanding a league

like everything it takes a will
It also takes media that's willing to challenge people and ruffle some feathers. Lots of luck getting that in Singapore.

There's no reason successful domestic football and interest in top European leagues can't coexist -- as was said, just look at Australia, or even Indonesia.

@ Me: I have a few contacts at Globe Towers. Let me drop them a line and see what they say. I see the AFC picked up today's JG piece, too.
thanks TB
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