Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sriwijaya line up Malaysian friendly

Copa winners Sriwijaya are looking to play a friendly against Malaysian Super League side Perlis in Palembang on 18th August. It will be part of the Malaysians preperations for the upcoming Malaysia Cup which starts a few weeks later.

Meanwhile a club v country row could be boiling in Indonesia after the FA cancelled the friendlies arranged for August against China, Malaysia, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Instead they will call the players back to prepare for the Asian Cup qualifiers, Kuwait home and away, at the end of September and will not release players until those games are over.

Likewise the Under 23s will not be available for their clubs until after the SEA Games in December!

It is hoped to start the ISL in October so we could see big clubs like Persipura and Sriwijaya without their big names for three months and guess what? They ain't happy.

This happens every year. The domestic league season plays second fiddle to the international team and the season gets decimated with lengthy breaks for lengthy training camps. This time round it isn't clear whether or not the whole league will be put on hold while the national teams train. Bloody hope not.

I say again -- and Indonesia wants to host a World Cup?

They might just shut down the league for a year if they get it ... keep the national team in one of those "training camps" for 12 months. You know, to develop team chemistry and all....
they might even learn how to score a goal!
Let's not start talking crazy now.
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