Friday, July 24, 2009


Persipura kicked out

Persipura have finally been punished after walking off the field during the Copa Indonesia final earlier this month.

They have been suspended from next season's Copa.

Other punishments include:

Striker Ernest Jeremiah has been suspended from Indonesian football for three years after headbutting the ref

Alberto Goncalves received a similar ban

Other cash fines were also meted out during the hearing.

Sits back and waits for the decisions to be overturned...

You might be waiting a while. The PSSI could really use that Rp 250 million, and both players are already out of the country.

I assume not participating in the next Copa Indonesia is punishment enough for the Indonesian players who raged at poor old Purwanto.
they always need money but remember last year when christian gonzales was banned for 12 months and then, along with many others, pardoned...
If Nurdin Halid wades in and makes this go away, he'll be out on his ear by December.

I could see Persipura not appealing the two players' bans. They needed to offload two foreigners anyway, they're already out of contract, and Jacksen has already said he won't use the two Asian spots.
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