Saturday, July 25, 2009


Persija target Portuguese coach

One text I received this morning described Persija's new investor, Eddy Joenardi, as 'Abramovich' coming to Persija. To extend that analogy it is only right that the club nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers will to a Portuguese coach to do a Mourinho. Alberto Rafael Gomez is 54 and I know nothing beyond that.

Now of course they are going to be linked to all and sundry including a couple of young Portuguese players, Persijap's Thai wing/full back Phaitoon Thiabma, Singapore keeper Lionel Lewis, with one paper cheekily slipping in Persib's Eka Ramdhani!

Joernardi is looking to investing 30 billion rupiah (10,000 rupiah = 1 USD) a year for a five year period.

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