Thursday, July 23, 2009


And then there was one?

Tomorrow sees a meeting in Jakarta that could change the face of football in the capital city. Again.

Following weeks of conjecture and rumour talks will go ahead about a proposed merger between Persija and Persitara, the two Jakarta based clubs currently in the ISL.

At face value these two sides merging is akin to Chelsea and Millwall becoming one. Persija, big, brash, cosmopolitan. Persitara. Rough and ready, proud of it's north Jakarta roots and Betawi heritage.

But with the North Jakarta government unwilling to back its own side and with all clubs supposedly free of any state or provincial funding, perhaps this is the only way to go. If the fans can be brought on board.

Last season they only played a few home games at Lebak Bulus Stadium, one time of Persija, after much teeth grinding.

Jakarta has seen clubs come and go before. Pelita Jaya once played here. So did Persijatim before finding success in Palembang rebranded as Sriwijaya.

Can a united Jakarta FC bring success back to the capital city?

Well, blue and orange are complementary colors....

If Tarkpor moves to Persik, as has been mooted, who among Persitara's ranks would start for Persija? Bello is the only one I can think of off hand, but Persija already has three non-AFC foreigners.
tarkpor looked good for persitara last season

pkb would be a good signing for persija/jakarta more mobile than fabio lopes
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