Saturday, June 27, 2009


Road Trip

So there I was at Ekamai Bus Station early Saturday morning. What kind of daft bastard gets a bus from Bangkok to Si Racha just to get another one straight back again?

I've been out of the Bangkok experience for a good few years but it all came back to me at the bus station. Silver topped coffin dodgers wheeling their luggage to the Pattaya bound buses, drooling at the prospect of frolics with Issarn farm girls.

Each to their own I suppose but I wondered how the missus was doing back in Jakarta fending off the usual 'where is your husband' questions?

'It's like this you see. He's gone to Bangkok,' queue many raised eyebrows, 'to catch a bus to Si Racha' these people never take buses, 'and when he gets to Si Racha he's going to get another bus straight back to Bangkok.'

You can imagine her coven retreating mob handed to the dunny and 'tut tutting and offering her their collective sympathy. I mean let's be honest. What type of daft bastard would do something like that anyway. Me, actually.

I planned on joining Dale from the Chonburi Supporter's Club, Si Racha branch, and the gang as they headed in to Bangkok. I thought I would get some good pictures out of it plus the opportunity of chewing the fat with the lad from Oldham.

Except it didn't work out that way did it? The Si Racha coach never turned up. The Pattaya one was full and the Chonburi ones left anyway. So we waited while a couple of mini buses were sent from Chonburi, headed there and jumped on a couple of extra coaches that had been laid on just for us. One coach was soon filled. One was empty. And we, of course, were on the empty one. All the atmosphere of Havisham's house in Great Expectations.

It was a sign. Later I got a great chat with former Persib keeper Kosin. Quality stuff filmed after the game. But some prick didn't press record did he? Not until the bloody interview was over...
dunno what Martin Tyler would do in the circumstances but I'm out to get wasted. Just like old times...

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