Wednesday, June 17, 2009


New owners for PKT

PKT Bontang, previously one of the few privately owned clubs in the ISL, have been taken over by the local government and will be called Bontang FC from next season.

Meanwhile Persitara could well be put up for sale with the local government not keen on subsidising the club any more.

I do know someone wanted to invest in the club from North Jakarta last season but talks went nowhere.

Lacking a home stadium, their Tugas Stadium is little more than a field with a fence round it, Persitara spent much of last season on the road, playing their home games all over Java including a few at Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta.

A few years back another Jakarta club, Persijatim, were put up for sale. They were bought by the province of South Sumatra, renamed and rebranded. Now they are known as Sriwijaya.

UPDATE - or perhaps not! Perhaps Mitra Kukar may look at taking them over thus ensuring their place in the ISL next season having missed out in the play offs. Hmm, not so sure about this promotion by aquisition nonsense

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