Saturday, June 27, 2009


Bangkok's great derby

I mentioned earlier how I used to live near Tha Reua Stadium in the past. Not that I ever went there. I never realised this before but I also lived close to the Chulalongkorn Stadium as well. In fact my box in Thung Mahamek was midway between the two.

Meaning that the clashes between Thai Port and Chula United has all the makings of a classic derby. And not just 'cos I lived between the two.

Thai Port, Klong Toey, is the home of Bangkok port. Kinda like Wapping or Limehouse in London. A rough and ready reputation with a reputation among those 'genteel' Bangkokians who flit from mall to mall but just 'know' Klong Toey is dangerous.

Certainly it has a raifish charm to it. An old mate of mine, now sadly passed on, would often spend his free time down there drinking whisky at some open fronted shophouse and spouting shite. He was a North London boy and couldn't stand the fakeness of middle class society but loved the warmth and hospitality he always received down there.

Chula on the other hand is establishment Bangkok. It's where the elite, and wannabe elite, send their kids to university and school. It's Eton and Cambridge all within walking distance on prime real estate. Just over the road is the Royal Bangkok Sports club where the toffs go for a punt on the nags.

Klong Toey is home to petty thieves, drug dealers and people with hearts of gold geezer. Chula is where you park your Merc and parade your latest brands.

Thai Port v Chula United. Us against them. It's pretty obvious which side I would follow.

Anyway, Chula wear pink!


something like the Boca Jr and River Plate rivalry??
no idea!

which game you going to tonite?
Boca is considered the people's club, not unlike Everton or Chivas. River's nickname is Los Millionarios, so it's more akin to Liverpool or Club America.
knew about the lazio/as roma parallel but not the argentinian one
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