Thursday, May 21, 2009


Singapore v Liverpool ticket prices

26th July 2009

Singapore National Team v Liverpool Football Club
National Stadium, Singapore
7.00pm Kick Off

‘The Kop’ (East Entrance): $88
North Entrance : $88
South Entrance : $88
Grandstand Lower : $88
Grandstand ‘RED’ : $188

The Kop?! Apparently they wanna recreate the atmosphere on the Kop in Singapore! Just name a few concrete steps after it's counterpart does not infer an English style atmosphere will follow. Still, all good marketing.

tickets on sale in few hours time... folks been asking for ticket "lobang"..
Liverpool vs Singapore 26 July 2009 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Official ticket for East Stand (The Kop) are sold out. For more ticket info:
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