Tuesday, May 19, 2009


IPL play offs

Yesterday saw the first round of fixtures in the IPL play offs as eight sides battle for a potential ISL spot.

Persisam v Mitra Kukar 5-1 (Gustavo Hernan Ortiz 2, Aldo Baretto, Patricio Jiminez, Ilham Jayakusuma; Fery Aman) 10,000
Persebaya v Persigo 2-1 (Jairon 2; Iksan Abubakar) 4,000

PSPS v Persikabo 1-1 (Cyril Tchana; Mauro Gaston) 1,000
Persema v Persiba 1-0 (Brima Pepito) 25,000

More games tomorrow as Persisam take on Persigo and PSPS play Persiba. The rest you can work out lah!

It is worth pointing out that winning the play offs does not guarantee promotion to the ISL. Clubs must also meet strict criteria regarding stadium, legal status and youth team among others. Persema for example have a youth team and a decent stadium but are not a private company. Persisam on the other hand are a private company and have the required stadium. They don't, however, have a youth set up

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