Friday, May 29, 2009


Albirex Niigata v Gombak United 3-3

Billed as the Jurong derby, like Jurong reaches up to Japan, this game was a right old cracker. Fair Play to Albirex who have a small stall selling club souvenirs even though 25 SGD for a scarf is, in classic English understatement, a bit steep. The equivelant would be going to Arsenal, paying 45 quid for a match ticket then paying 180 for a scarf...duh hello!

Don't really have time for a full match report but will point out that they sell beer at the Jurong West Stadium which means I would probably return again, and again except it really is out in the boonies.

Wonderful game of football, Gombak were two up in 18 minutes thanks to Obatola and Kingsley. Akira Takasae pulled one back on 23 beating the keeper at the near post before Casmir made it 3-1 .

Second half Matsumoto and Kenji made it 3-3 and what a goal the 3rd was leaving Gombak rattled as they held on for a draw. A couple of defenders had to be seperated by team mates as they bickered...

Great game, certainly better than the 05 and the 07 FA Cup finals, it certainly deserved more than the pissy 1500 who turned up

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