Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Vietnam and Indonesia to co host AFF Cup?

One news report out of Vietnam is reporting that both Vietnam and Indonesia will co host the 2010 AFF Cup next December with the qualifying rounds taking place in Laos a couple of months earlier.

No confirmation of this yet on the AFF website.

Bit of a surprise that Indonesia was chosen again after they shared the 2008 competition with Thailand, I was thinking perhaps next time round Malaysia would have been involved, but at least the Indonesians get bums on seats.

Yep, surprising that we have joint hosts again, especially after the article suggests that VFF are not too sure which city to host it in!

Why no have one host nation playing in 2 cities?

As for the qualifying round, can only assume that someone's forgotten Timor-Leste and Brunei?
this will be held just a month before the asian cup in qatar...
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