Thursday, April 16, 2009


No football in Jakarta?

Reports in a local tabloid suggest that the Jakarta police are refusing to sanction any more games in the capital city until after the election is over. Last week was just the first stage in what could be a three episode marathon that could last until October!

Last week saw the election for the local houses of parliament. Next on the agenda, in July is the Presedential election and if there is no clear winner there will be a play off in October

Tomorrow Persija were due to play PSMS and on Sunday Persitara were due to host Persebaya in the Copa Indonesia and these games are now in the balance.

Of course taking this latest injunction to its logical conclusion the prestige friendly against Manchester United would also be cancelled. Because of an election three months later!

Obviously this story is very fluid and once it reaches a conclusion, if it reaches a conclusion, I'll post more.

Hey bloody ho.

Persija may need to find a new stadium which would be difficult. They can't play anywhere in West Java so will have to travel further afield to find a temporary home base.

UPDATE - just got a text off a Persija official which made me smile. Very short, very sweet...ACAB.

Is it just me, or does this scream of a shakedown? Cops need cash, they know Super League teams can't reschedule matches, so they threaten a shutdown until **POOF* *everything is magically sorted out the next morning.

Persija is holding its technical meeting about the match in question tonight. Don't be surprised if an unmarked cop car just happens to be in the neighborhood with an empty paper bag or five....
it appears that after the tech meet the police still refused to allow the game to go ahead. they say that lebak bulus is too the start of the season they refused to allow persija to play at bung karno, now they refuse to allow them to play at lebak bulus even though they have played there for several seasons

as the man said, acab
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