Thursday, April 16, 2009


ISL is back

After plenty of humming and haaing and dicking around with the idea of centreing a whole group of games in East Java, a topic I tried to steer away from till something was finalised, the dear hearts who run the game in Indonesia have decided clubs can play where they want.

Which means that instead of Persija playing PSMS in some godforsaken outpost like Lamongan tomorrow they could well be hosting them closer to home. Like Lebak Bulus Stadium.

Notice the use of the word could. Much can still change and probably will.

All the turmoil about where the games will be played is little more than politicking as so much is in the game here. Certain individuals flexing their muscles and seeking to garner popularity.

UPDATE - according to the Jakmania website the game with PSMS has been cancelled because no security clearance was issued by the police. It is up to Persija to find another stadium quick, Bung Karno is undergoing renovations after the political parties trashed the pitch during the recent campaigns, or they risk seeing the game awarded to PSMS 3-0.

What a way to run a war...

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