Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Aah Seoul...

Tonight sees the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup begin in earnest with strong representation from teams in our region.

Pride of place goes to Sriwijaya and SAF who compete in the ACL and I am in Palembang to see the Sriwijaya game against Seoul later tonight. If I can get a ticket!

Tomorrow sees SAF travel to Shanghai for their first game.

Plenty of AFC Cup action as well with PSMS, Home United, Johor, Kedah, PEA and Chonburi starting this week.

More later ...

UPDATE - just returned from the stadium where I managed to get a ticket. Silly me, I went to the ticket office hoping to buy one there but nope, they just laughed at my naiviete. Had to pay 150,000 for a 125,000 ticket. There were touts outside carrying thick books of the tix...

ah sayang banget sriwijaya kalah
padahal sriwijaya itu
tim adalan gw coz gw dari palembang

coba ferry ga'cidera pasti
sriwijaya ga' bakal kalah semuda itu

guy kirimin gw berita bola donk
ni email gw or
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