Sunday, February 22, 2009


Persitara v Persiba 0-2

Good old Persitara! Just a few days ago I was calling them the great entertainers and after today's showing against Persiba little has changed. Oh, except against PSM they got three points and today they got zilch.

Musafry, some time international, gave the visitors the lead and until then little had been seen of Prince Bello Kabir, Persitara's new striker, who was in the back pocket of former My Team defender Mijo Dadic for much of the game. Not until the dying embers of the first half did he have a whiff of anything and then from close range he succeeded only in directing the ball at the prostrate, but impressive visiting keeper Wirawan.

Second half Persitara jiggled things round abit Bossoken dropping to central midfield. John Tarkpor pushed wide while Mostapha Aji went up top. And it was Aji who nearly brought the home side back into the game with an impish chip from about six yards that Wirawan did well to push over the bar.

I always get nervous when I see players take short run ups for penalties. This time it was Rahmat Rivai taking the casual approach after Prince had been felled and was off the field but Wirawan guessed correctly.

Moments later, or was it minutes or did it happen earlier (?), Tarkpor cleverly made space for himself in the penalty area but his drive hit the side netting.

Down the other end Gaston Castano broke with two against one. All he had to do was shoot but instead looked to play his partner in and it was all wasted.

Moments later down the other end and Persitara get another penalty. You know when you get stuck in traffic? You stop, you start. Prince was like that. By the time he got to the ball the moment had gone and it went high and wide.

Substitute Yahya had the chance to make Gaston rue his earlier lack of fortitude in front of goal but he shaved the cross bar.

Persiba looked lethal on the breaks with a player on each flank bearing down on goal. Right at the end Musafry repeated his goal in the first half, securing the points for the Persiba side who had also welcomed back Adrian Trinidad to their ranks.

Images of Persiba players can be found here while Persitara players dyed their hair blue!

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