Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Podcast and ESPN

Just come of the phone where I have been talkingto Scott McIntyre about tomorrow's game between Indonesia and Australia. Scott works for SBS down under and we were, I think, recording a podcast to be broadcast later.

Link when I have it lah

I have also written a preview on ESPN about the game which can be found here.

UPDATE AND GROVELLING APOLOGY - It has been pointed out to me by a couple of readers that I made a couple of mistakes in my ESPN srticle. It is of course summer down there at the moment and I must say I really dropped a bollock on that one. And Australia play Japan in February, not March.

As part of my punishment I have to watch continuous Home & Away episodes while listening to Johnny bloody Farnham...

Not sure if its too late to change your ESPN preview - but just in case (and before you get inundated with comments from other Aussies), its not winter here. Its midddle of summer - and bloody hot too!

I don't think the heat will be an issue for the players - they are quite used to it. But the lack of rest between games well might.
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