Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Malaysian Charity Shield

Ok, it's not called that and I have no idea where the money goes but this weekend sees Kedah and Selangor kick off the 2009 Malaysian Super League season at Stadium Darulaman, Alor Setar.

2008 Perlis
2007 Perlis
2006 Perak
2005 Perak
2004 Selangor MPPJ
2003 Penang

There is also a full round of fixtures in Malaysia this weekend despite the fact that Sarawak, relegated last season, are hoping to pinch DPMM's place at the last minute.


Kedah v Selangor
PDRM v My Team
Kelantan v KL Plus
Terengganu v Perlis
Pahang v Johor
Penang v Negeri Sembilan
Perak v Kuala Muda

All fixtures kick off at 8.45 pm

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