Friday, October 10, 2008


Thai Friendly Announced

Thailand are to play Saudi Arabia in Riyadh in November as part of their preparations for the December AFF Cup.

The Thais and Saudis haven't been best friends for ages. Not since some cleaner half inched some royal jewels from some palace. The jewels may or may not have found their way to Bangkok where they may or may not have been seen on some policeman's wife and some people may or may not have been killed to cover up what may or may not have happened.

Any old hows with new coach Peter Reid going on record recently about the players low stamina levels is the long haul to Riyadh going to improve that? Certainly the quality of opposition will help but as Indonesia showed during last season's Asian Cup the Saudis can be got at but they need to be killed off. Because they don't have stamina issues.

Sounds a great idea for a movie...

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