Saturday, October 25, 2008


Pelita Jaya Frustrate Again

Fandi Ahmad must be wondering where it all went wrong. Top of the table after four games Pelita Jaya may have more only envied by Juande Ramos but there is nothing like inconsistency to frustrate a coach’s plans.

Today away to Persijap it’s fair to say Pelita Jaya never really turned up and a first half goal by someone was enough for the home side. Until the last 20’ the visitors weren’t involved and it was only the arrival of the shot shy Rudi Widodo that injexted some urgency into the visitors.

Camilo went close on three occasions but no one else did. The likes of Firman Utina and Erol Iba, brought in at great expense to provide experience to Fandi’s youthful charges did little to improve their reputations and you would not blame national team coach Benny Dollo for dropping them from the upcoming trip to Myanmar.

As for Persijap, they aren’t packed with any star names. Instead they are a workman like side lacking anything in the way of quality but dogged and determined and a hard side to beat especially at their Bumi Kartini Stadium

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