Thursday, October 16, 2008


Papuan Giants Win

Persipura remain top of the ISL after beating Persik 5-0 in Jayapura yesterday just days after beating another potential title rival Persija 6-0. Boaz scored twice while elder bro Ortisan also got on the score sheet. Ernest Jeremiah and Ian Luis Kabes got the others. And they were without Brazilian striker Alberto Goncalves! All a far cry for their new coach Jacksen Tiago and his short stay at Persitara where goals were hard to come by.

In the other game Persiwa beat Arema 1-0 with Peter Romaropen getting the only goal.

Given a Papua one two, and they meet each other next week, I wonder what provisions the FA have made should either of these sides qualify for the Asian Champions League. Of course they could forget to send in their application. Worked before.

But given it's a six and a half hour flight from Jakarta out to Jayapura would sides from Japan or Korea or wherever really be expected to traipse all the way over there? Or will a neutral venue be considered?

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