Friday, October 17, 2008


AFC Under 16s

Tomorrow sees the Final between Iran and South Korea with South East Asian hopes long extinguished.

Group A

Singapore v Uzbekistan 0-7
Singapore v Bahrain 0-3
Singapore v Iran 1-4

Group B

Indonesia v Syria 1-2
Indonesia v South Korea 0-9
Indonesia v India 0-1

Group D

Malaysia v Japan 0-4
Malaysia v Yeman 1-1
Malaysia v UAE 2-3

Having witnessed the AFF Under 16s in Jakarta in July I can't say I'm surprised to see the Malaysians performed the best out of the countries from our region. They pushed the Japanese, got the only point against Yemen and made UAE sweat with two late goals in four minutes by substitue Idris. One hopes this group of players gets plenty more experience of playing in competitions like this and that one or two become household names later down the line.

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