Saturday, August 16, 2008


Persija Battle for Draw

Shorn of the midfield talents of Robertinho and Greg Nwokolo Persija struggled against a well organised Pelita Jaya side that proved hard to unlock.

Persija took the lead through new signing Ade Suhendra with a 30 yard drive but Pelita Jaya equalised early in the second half through Eduardo.

At one stage during the game Fandi Ahmad's side had recorded six corners but they were still one down.

In the secon half for something like 25 minutes they had Persija, nominally if not geographically, the home side, penned in their own half and their young keeper Agus Dian Prasetya was as much a spectator as the hundreds of noisy Persija fans.

However it is in front of goal that must cause Fandi some concern. Few clear cut chances came their way and when they did, example a free header in the first half, the finishing was wayward.

Pelita Jaya remain unbeaten this season, nine points from five games, but until they can turn their possession into goals they are likely to remain a bogey side rather than one with the potential to challnge for the ISL.

For Persija this was a good test of their strengths and they were lucky to come through unscathed.

1. Persija 5 4 1 011-5 13
2. Persipura 7 3 2 1 9-5 12
3. PSM 5 3 2 0 9-4 11
4. Persik 7 3 2 2 13-8 11

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