Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Indonesian FA Defend Independence Cup Quality

At a press conference yesterday the FA were forced to defend the quality of the upcoming Independence Cup.

Libya were once runners up in the African Cup of Nations but only when they hosted it while Cambodia and Brunei have had marginally less impact on the football stage than a three legged hedgehog.

There is a strong likelihood that Indonesia and Myanmar may meet up in the AFF Championship later this year while Cambodia and Brunei need to go through a qualifying round to reach that competition.

With many leagues round the world under way in August attracting any kind of quality was always going to be difficult, more so when you consider the budget the Indonesian FA works within.

It's positive that this thing is up and running again but perhaps the schedule needs revising? Yes August is Independence but when no bugger can come it ain't much of a celebration is it?

Perhaps just a four nation tournament in June, July or even December when Thailand host their King's Cup?

The other issue is playing at Bung Karno. The stadium holds 88,000 fans. Consider the crowd when Libya play Myanmar!

Surely a smaller venue would suffice?

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