Saturday, July 19, 2008


You're a Bar Stud, Referee

The ASEAN Football Federation, organisers of the Under 16s and from here on in to be abbreviated to AFF, are running a referees assessors course at the moment here in Jakarta.

I wonder what the gathered attendees made of the incident on Thursday at Lebak Bulus during the game between Malaysia and Bahrain.

The 10 man, or boy, Bahrainis had a penalty and the Malaysian keeper, Zulfadhli, did well to parry. His defence weren't so responsive and a Bahrani following up netted the rebound and Bahrain celebtrated believing at 1-1 they were back in the game.

Inexplicably the Singaporean ref disallowed the goal. I heard third hand for offside. Umm, the ball came off the keeper so there can be no offside.

Assessors. Please discuss.

you have a great blog!
i´m searching information about 2 indonesian players: stevie bonsapia and paulo rumere. date of birth, weight, height, position. You can give me some info, please???

as best as i can find out, bio details are hard to find here, paulo rumere of persipura plays midfield and was born 9 July 1982.

regarding stevie bonsapia try a couple of persipura wites
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