Friday, July 18, 2008


New Zealand Think They're Playing PSMS

This comes from the New Zealand FA website. PSMS are scheduled to play Persipura on Monday at Bung Karno. That is not to suggest they won't be playing New Zealand on the Sunday but it's unlikely they will play twice in 24 hours.

The other issue is venue. Bung Karno has been booked already for Sunday hence the PSMS game, originally scheduled for then, being jigged.

The Indonesian FA website has the Kiwis playing First Division side Persikota at Benteng Stadium on Sunday and Persikabo, another First division side, next Saturday.

So if the Kiwis are looking forward to top tier action they could well be disappointed!

The game against the Indonesian national team takes place at Bung Karno next Thursday, 24 July, kick off 3.30.


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