Thursday, July 17, 2008


Indonesia v Singapore 1-1

At last! Indonesia finally played some football for the first time in this tournament but it was too little, too late.

Coming from a goal down after some woeful defending, second half they tore into Singapore, finally using the flanks to great effect.

Fahreza Agamal, possibly Indonesia's sole shining star in the Under 16's, will never net an easier goal if he plays to be 67 and it signalled a spell of sustained pressure from the home side culminating in a mazy dribble by captain Rudi Setiawan that left the Singapore defence in his wake but he couldn't quite finish his work.

I promise you if it had been George Best or Cristiano Ronaldo it would be up on You Tube already and would be seen around the world.

Striker Tommy Veriyanto showed glimpses of ability as did Delton.

But it was all too late. They had been hiding in their first three games, never shown up.

But finally the local fans had a performance to cheer.

For Singapore a more in depth analysis will be posted on their own web site soon. They received a third red card in four games but they're not a dirty team. Ironically the one time they were invited to mix it, and they did, was the one game they didn't get a red!

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