Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A Family Affair

Last night I watched the PSMS v Persipura game at Bung Karno with a few people and was introduced to the President of Persija Bambang Suciptio (spelling?), a former player with the Kemayoran Tigers.

He had been in Bandung the previous night watching the game but he had divided loyalties. His son formerly played for Deltras and Persija were interested in signing him during the close season.

Worried about accusations of nepotism he rejected a move to his old man's club and signed for ... Persib!

Hence Papa in the main stand at Siliwangi Stadium delighted his team beat their fiercest rivals but also feeling a bit for his boy. And fearing the drive home at a time when disgruntled Bobotoh were smashing cars with Jakarta registration plates. He finally got home at 3 am having left Bandung three hours after the game had finished.

The Persija players had arranged to stay the night after the game in their Bandung but quick consultations with the police decided they'd better get out of dodge.

Despite the animosity between both sets of supporters on the pitch the players get on well with many having played for both sides.

Winger Atep made the journey south recently and the cameras were keen to focus on his discussions with his former team mate Herman Abanda. It made for great TV because Atep is about 3 foot 6 tall while Abanda is a giant of a man.

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