Thursday, June 05, 2008


Zah Rahman World Cup Goal

Stephen Mennoh in WCQ action for Liberia. Image from Liberian Soccer

Sriwijaya's midfield dynamo Zah Rahman is currently with the Liberian national team as they strive for a World Cup place.
Alongside him are Murphy, now of Persema I believe, James Koko Lomel, Esiah Benson and Stephen Mennoh.
According to reports a couple of weeks ago James Debbah was due to sign with Pelita Jaya but returned to Liberia. The former Olympic Lyon striker then returned to Indonesia looking for another club.
In their first game against Gambia they drew 1-1 but the match was overshadowed when 10 people died.
On Friday Liberia travel to Algeria for their next WCQ before playing Senegal a week later.

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