Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Where next for the Indonesian FA?

Jailed FA head continues to sit in jail and refuses to step down in accordance with AFC and FIFA demands that Indonesia organise new elections. Today the FA flew to AFC and asked to keep the status quo. This piece comes from the AFC site.

KUALA LUMPUR: AFC has turned down the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI)’s request to maintain the status quo in terms of the number of voters in the new statutes, which is to be re-drafted to benefit the development and organisation of football in Indonesia on a long term basis.
Currently, there are 627 members eligible to vote in the PSSI elections but with the proposed amendments to the statutes, the number is set to be reduced considerably. A PSSI delegation, headed by its vice-president Nirwan D. Bakrie, met AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam and appealed for the current number of voters to be maintained.
The AFC chief, however, emphasised the importance of bringing the statutes in line with FIFA’s Standard Statutes which would also mean a rationalisation of the number of the current voters. “It is important for all the stakeholders in Indonesian football to understand that amending the statutes and having a proper structure of football administration in place will benefit their football,” Bin Hammam said, underscoring the need of a pyramidal model of football administration.
“We want the regional and provincial associations to have more powers than before and ideally only they should represent their province in the national association.” “This will result in a reduction in the number of voters.” In the meeting, it was also made clear to the Indonesian team that only the PSSI Congress had the right to elect the President and the members of the Executive Committee. The current statutes give the rights to the President to appoint the members of the Executive Committee but with the new statutes in place these positions would be filled by an election in the Congress. AFC also rejected membership and voting rights for the Executive Committee members, honorary president, independent auditor and General Secretary in the Congress.
AFC also suggested the renaming of regional boards to regional associations. Bin Hammam insisted that PSSI statutes must follow full democratic and transparent procedures. The visiting delegation, which also included PSSI General Secretary Nugraha Besoes and AFC Executive Committee member Dali Tahir, also apprised the AFC chief of their grassroots and youth development plans.

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