Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Newcastle United to Indonesia?

You can't fault the officials for not trying this year. While last year Indonesian fans got to see mighty Hong Kong and a Liberian Select play on these islands in international friendlies this time round the bars seems to be raised.

Confirmed are Bayern Munchen which is under a DFB initiative as well as Yemen next Friday, Tajikistan and New Zealand Olympic squad.

Now there is talk of Newcastle United! I have heard about the Toon Army going to Hong Kong but now there is a chance KK wants to touch the island of the gods itself, Bali. No direct quote there...

An FA official has also thrown Parma into the mix reasoning they will be cheaper than Juventus who were offered earlier but were deemed too expensive.

Talk of course is cheap but I think at least airing these ideas keeps the game in the public domain during the close season; ain't nothing worse than being ignored!

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